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Store Smart freestanding freight hoists from Schaefer Store

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Now available from Schaefer Store , Store Smart freestanding freight hoists are direct hydraulic, freestanding goods lifts, ideal for warehouses, car dealerships, and self-storage facilities.

Store Smart freestanding freight hoists can be supplied with 1, 2 or 4 pallet capacity deck sizes, with weight capacities up to 4000kg.

Available for 2 or 3 level installations up to 9000mm with multiple door configurations, the controls are fully interlocked and there are call/send capabilities at each level.

The controller combines a user-friendly interface with maintenance and diagnostic feedback, and the display indicates what level the hoist is at and the status of the door.

Key features of Store Smart freestanding freight hoists include:

  • a low platform height of less than 40mm - this allows easy, low ramp, loading with pallet trucks, trolleys and hand trucks
  • a modern intuitive control panel - including diagnostic feedback, user-friendly interfaces, and a level of finish in-line with high-end lifts and elevators.
  • a compact design allowing servicing from inside the booth for most applications.
For larger capacities, up to 10 tonne, and bigger platforms, handling up to 10 pallets, Schaefer Store supply scissor table hoists. 

These Store Smart freestanding freight hoists comply with Australian Safety and Industrial Standards, are a low cost alternative to traditional lifts, have a minimal pit requirement and are suitable for external or internal installation.

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