Orbiter AS/RS Pallet Retrieval System for Maximum Warehouse Floor Utilisation from Schaefer Store


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Schaefer Orbiter is a 1500kg capacity, remote pallet storage/retrieval device with a retrieval speed of 1m/second. They are an ideal materials handling solution, increasing both warehouse efficiency and safety.

Schaefer Orbiters provides maximum warehouse floor utilisation of up to 80+%, without requiring specialist handling equipment
  • Controlled via radio frequency (RF) with 2 power options including innovative “Power Caps” capacitor and reticulated power supply and conventional sealed battery pack power supply
  • Runs on specialised channel rails that are installed onto racking, similar to drive-in racking systems
  • Perfect alternative to Schaefer Drive-In Rack as the operator manually controls it by remote RF eliminating the need for forklifts to enter racking
  • Stores or retrieves loads in either First-In-First-Out (FIFO), or First-In-Last-Out (FILO) handling sequence
Pallet retrieval systems increase work efficiency and productivity
  • Prevents accidental slippage as lock-in pins safely securing the Orbiter into the docking station
  • Compact in size, similar to the height of a standard pallet, the Orbiter runs below the pallet and when in automated mode can shuffle pallets from on-load to off-load positions, providing FIFO storage in aisle depths up to 40metres
  • Automatic mode allows for auto stacking whilst the forklift operative continues other operations with other satellites
  • Works continuously using unique power technology with on-board power supply units
  • Easily transferred from one rack aisle to another with a forklift truck
Cost effective solution for high density, bulk storage, servicing up to 2,000 pallets
  • Reduces handling time by up to 1/2 when compared to normal drive-in systems 
  • Eliminates the requirement for expensive specialty forklifts as any model of truck can be used with the Schaefer Orbiter System
  • Suitable for cool and cold rooms
  • Highly visible, independent docking station allows the Orbiter to be quickly and safely located in the picking tunnel
Schaefer Store's AS/RS Orbiter is the perfect alternative to a Drive-In Rack especially is you are storing approximately 1500+ pallets and require a reliable and highly efficient materials handling solution. Schaefer Store information and contact details

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