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Schaefer Store's Cantilever Racking is the ideal solution for the storage of oversized goods and longer items like timber, bars, tubes, rolled sections, light plastic tubing, steel pipes, massive coils, sheets, panels or other bulky items.

Designed to allow for the quickest possible placement, storage and removal of varying lengths of product Schaefer can fully optimise the racking system to meet individual specifications for oversized goods or special space requirements.

Cantilever racking can be manufactured for single or double-sided configurations
  • Modular construction means the length and height of either style is unlimited
  • Fully adjustable cantilever arms and vertical length positioning allows for easy adjustment to all different kinds of storage heights and loads
  • Efficient and economical access with handling equipment as 4-directional side loader lift trucks and stacker cranes require very little aisle space
  • In-built 50% safety factor over and above the load design criteria
  • Tapered load arms give greater load space at front that assists operators when loading
Schaefer Store's Cantilever Racking provides storage extra long products, all you need to nominate is the length and weight of the product, arm lengths, double or single sided, height and number of arms and Schaefer Store can provide a completely customised and economical storage solution.

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