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Providing a cost effective and accurate solution, Scan-Xpress provides high quality 3D scanning and 3D modelling services. Their 3D scanning service can be performed in house or on site, with a focus on matching the right technology to clients needs.

Quick and accurate scanning and inspection services
Scan Xpress services include:
  • 3D Scanning
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Dimensional Inspection
3D Scanning from Scan-Xpress
Scan-Xpress uses the best in class non contact 3D measurement technologies including:
  • ATOS White Light Digitizers
  • TRITOP Photogrammetric
  • Z Corporation Laser Scanners
This technology ensures that the accuracy of each project is measurable and verifiable and the best data quality is achieved. This 3D scanning service is ideal for both small and large objects.

Reverse engineering services
  • The reverse engineering service provided by Scan-Xpress involves the creation of a CAD model from 3D scan data
  • Parametic models can be developed, thanks to Scan-Xpress reverse engineering software, and exported to most CAD platforms
Industrial design services
Scan-Xpress introduces industrial design services. They are able to assist you in:
  • Pattern making and design for manufacture
  • Design ideation, aesthetic development in sketch and CAD
  • Rapid prototyping, small and large format CNC machining
Benefits of modern 3D inspection technology from Scan-Xpress
  • Enables complete part description ensuring all critical dimensions are measured
  • Accurate Scan-to-CAD, Scan-to-STL and Scan-to-Scan comparisons
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD & T)
  • Differences can be quickly compared to CAD or compared to other measurements of physical parts

Scan Xpress quick and accurate services are ideal for all 3D scanning, reverse engineering and design and inspection requirements.

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27/06/11 - TRITOP 3D measurement and modelling systems from Scan-Xpress are used to perform highly accurate, non-contact measurements of 3D coordinates of discrete object points.
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25/11/10 - These reverse engineering services can be performed in-house by Scan-Xpress or, alternatively at the clients’ premises.
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24/11/10 - 3D Inspection services by Scan-Xpress can be relied upon to measure unusually shaped objects that would otherwise be difficult to measure.
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23/11/10 - Scan-Xpress provides 3D scanning services which can be performed in-house or at their clients’ premises.
Supplier news
06/02/09 - Scan-Xpress provide Z Scanners that are handheld, self-orienting 3D scanners useful to scan object placed in a tight space. This scanner offers one continuous scan as there is no need for tripods, mechanical arms or positioning devices. This handheld scanning device allows the user to scan hard-to-reach objects in a few minutes.
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