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Preventing confined space accidents

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article image Entrytag – helps identify hazards.

SCAFFTAG 's range of equipment status tagging systems includes Entrytag, an innovative tag which helps identify hazards, and details necessary precautions that need be taken before entering an enclosed area.

Much confusion arises with regards to what defines a confined area. A confined area is a place which is completely or substantially enclosed and which could cause fatal or serious injuries to the worker entering that area.

The majority of accidents concerning confined spaces occur due to the actions of those not actually working under the constraints of the actual permit.

The user friendly and weather resistant Entrytag is a complete confined space status tagging system. It helps prevent accidents and efficiently manage inspection procedures.

An Entrytag at the point of entry to the confined space clearly displays the minimum requirements before entry and the latest status of the area.

The Entrytag system is essential for ISO9000 companies and their suppliers. Blue Chip companies around the world have adopted the Entrytag. Clients include BP, Shell, Total, British Energy, Kimberly Clarke and The Royal Navy.

As most companies have unique needs, the Entrytag can be completely customised according to customer's requirements including inspection data displayed and branding. Magnetic Entrytags are available as well which are particularly popular in the Shipping Industry.

Many Scafftag customers also use a Man in Confined Space Tag in conjunction with Entrytag. The approved person(s) each have a dedicated Man In Confined Space Tag and attach it to the Entrytag (using the stainless steel ring supplied) before entering and remove it when leaving the confined space.

By counting the number of Man In Confined Space Tags at the point of entry, it is instantly clear how many people are working in the confined space.

Scafftag has developed specialised protective Permit Wallets that allow work permits to be displayed by personnel whilst working at a confined space.

These UV resistant PVC wallets are transparent to allow documentation to be easily viewed and zip close from top to bottom (portrait style) to help prevent any ingress of moisture.

Entrytag is compatible with the electronic Safetrak system. Safetrak is a computerised equipment management system that transforms safety, maintenance and identification activities into paperless, organised, efficient and simplified processes to improve business performance. It provides shared information and controlled workflows amongst both on-site employees and management.

The Safetrak system uses three components - Scafftag status tagging systems embedded with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips, handheld computers and specially designed software. Data is electronically transferred between these three components to enable the same information to be accessed onsite and offsite.

There is a purpose designed Safetrak comprehensive inspection module for confined spaces, which helps eliminate paperwork and maximise efficiency for these specific procedures and processes. As with all Safetrak modules this can be customised to client needs.

For companies who prefer a paper-based alternative, the Orange Book and Orange file are complementary to Entrytag. The hazards from working in a confined space are varied and it requires a comprehensive assessment and safety system depending on the type of confined area.

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