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Scale Components' full range of National Measurement Information (NMI) Approved In Line Dimensioning and Catchweighing Solutions are certified for legal trade measurement.

Measurement Information Systems
Scale Components' range of measurement equipment is ideal for:
  • Data Management
  • Weighing
  • Batching
  • Cubing 

ParcelScan In Line Dimensioning Systems
Configured to measure static or dynamic items, ParcelScan is an In Line Dimensioning System to suit your operational requirements.

Warehousing and Distribution

  • Eliminates manual data entry and protects data integrity
  • Provides data for Storage Location Selection, Carton Selection, and Shipment Planning
  • Provides data for use in Facility Layout, Pallet Stacking and Load Pptimization Software Packages
  • Interfaces directly to Manifesting and Warehouse Management Software Systems

Freight Manifesting and Auditing Applications

  • Dimensions freight instantly and accurately without damage
  • May be configured for in line or stand alone operation
  • Gives immediate computation of dimensional weight for shipping charges Facilitates load, weight, and balance planning
  • Manifests freight correctly to avoid costs

SC4000 In Motion Catchweighing Systems
SC4000 In Motion Catchweighing System is available in various configurations for key industries including: 

  • Freight
  • Transportation Distribution  
  • Logistics
  • Packaging  Industries
  • Food and Beverage

Features of the SC4000 In Motion Catchweighing System

  • 60 Metres per minute 
  • Up to 60 kgs of Weighing Capacity
  • Systec IT8000 Indicators
  • Stainless Steel Weighing Terminals used as the Digital Weight Display   

PalletScan Dimensioning System
The PalletScan Dimensioning Measuring Systems can be incorporated to create a Turnkey Cubing, Weighing and Tracking Workstations and has been designed to be used with:

  • Generic Floor Scales
  • Barcode Label Scanning
  • Printing Devices 
Scale Components offer a diverse range of measurements information systems. 
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31/01/12 - Scale Components will host demonstrations of the latest CubiScan pallet cubing system in Melbourne from the 8th to the 10th February, 2012.
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01/12/11 - A CubiScan dimensioning system supplied by Scale Components was recently commissioned at the Melbourne warehouse of a major pharmaceutical company.
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21/11/11 - Systec IT3000 Digital Indicators are now available from Scale Components. These are multi-functional, trade-approved weighing terminals for versatile applications.
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07/11/11 - A mobile cubing system was recently commissioned by Scale Components for the South Australian Regional Distribution Centre of Coles.
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31/10/11 - Scale Components supplied a Systec digital weight indicator to generate weight readings of a portable aggregate weigh hopper in Dalby, Queensland.
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