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CubiScan 150 manifesting table receives NMI approval

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Scale Components , exclusive distributor of Quantronix in Australia, have announced that the CubiScan 150 manifesting table has recently been pattern approved by the National Measurement Institute (NMI) for legal trade measurement.   According to Mr Ian Fleming, Managing Director of Scale Components, the CubiScan 150 is a versatile tool for today’s dimension and weight-based freight manifesting applications.  

“Designed for use in distribution, direct fulfilment, and logistics environments, the CubiScan 150 can be used in ‘stand alone’ or ‘in-line’ installations and combines the attributes of flexibility, accuracy, and durability into one attractive and functional package,” Mr Fleming said.  

The CubiScan 150 is robust, with a maximum measurement range of 120 x 100 x 100 cm (L x W x H) and a net weight capacity of 70 Kg.  

“The CubiScan 150 is precise, with a measurement resolution of 0.2 cm and weight resolution of 20 g. Mounted on locking casters, it can be operated in a fixed position or quickly moved and redeployed when necessary. Each unit has two active serial communication ports, one serial printer port, and an Ethernet port allowing for network connection and data transfer,” he said.  

With an optional PC-based interface, the CubiScan 150 is capable of buffering thousands of data records, can interface to barcode scanning equipment, label printing devices, and can communicate directly (in batch or real-time mode) with manifesting or warehouse management systems.  

Benefits for Warehousing and Distribution:

·         Eliminates manual data entry and protects data integrity.
·         Provides data for storage location selection, carton selection, and shipment planning.
·         Provides data for use in facility layout, pallet stacking and load optimisation software packages.
·         Interfaces directly to manifesting and warehouse management software systems.  

Benefits for Freight Manifesting and Auditing Applications:

 ·         The CubiScan 150 dimensions freight instantly and accurately without damaging the package or its contents.
·         It may be configured for in-line or stand-alone operation. 
·         Offers immediate computation of dimensional-weight for shipping charges.
·         Facilitates load, weight, and balance planning.
·         Manifests freight correctly to avoid costly ‘Charge Backs’.  

Additional features of the CubiScan 150 include:

·         Interfaces directly to PC or mainframe host devices
·         Visual readout instantly displays dimensions, weight, and dimensional-weight
·         Can be deployed in mobile (with castors) or stationary configurations
·         Outputs in metric and/or imperial units
·         Uses sensing technology that is safe for both operator and package contents

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