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LMK Thermosafe offers an unrivalled range of Products for heating drums and IBC in Hazardous Areas - its classic Thermosafe® electromagnetic Induction Heater, its Faratherm™ electomagnetic base heater, and the wrap around InteliHeat™ 205 litre drum or IBC heater.  

Hazardous area heaters for commercial and industrial applications
  • The Thermosafe can be used on its own or in combination with the Faratherm to heat solids and liquids rapidly in mild steel drums only (it works using magnetism).  In combination with a 'Top Hat' to cover the head of the drum it can also become an effective small drum oven.
  • The Faratherm base plate can be used on its own to warm drums from 25 litres up to 205 litre in stainless steel, mild steel or plastic (the induction process transfers to a steel heating plate).
  • The InteliHeat jacket for drums can be wrapped around stainless steel, mild steel or plastic 205 litre drums.
  • The Inteliheat jacket for IBC can be wrapped around Schütz / Mauser style bottle-in-cage IBC. A standard LMK IBC insulated lid can be used to reduce heat loss and improve heating times.  The IBC jacket can also be used around 4 x 205 litre drums.
With LMK Thermosafe hazardous area heaters you can be sure that you are purchasing the best available worldwide. All Products are independently certified for Zone 1 and 2, with the TH and FT rated to IP66, while the InteliHeat is rated to IP44.
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Question: 07/05/12 - All our jackets are single phase 240 v power users.  The IBC2 draws 9 amps when both circuits are on, so standard 10 amp plugs will suffice.  ... read more

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