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RTD Circuit Design provides design & development support for PCB-centric projects.

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Satcam design circuit boards and arrange the procurement of PCBs and all required components and their assembly.

Why use RTD Circuit Design?

  • Faster throughput
  • Professional design 
  • Defined project costs 
  • Boards designed for ease of manufacture
Use Satcam's resources as opposed to yours:

Send  a schematic and the mechanical details for your board, and Satcam will respond within 24 hours with a firm quotation to produce a pcb layout, with a full manufacturing information package including Gerber files, drill and rout files, and manufacturing specification drawing. They can also produce computer drawn circuit diagrams, and will even quote on the supply and/or assembly of printed circuit boards.

Satcam's experience includes all facets of board design, including mains isolation, medical isolation, switching power supplies, low level analog and high speed digital, both through-hole and surface mount. Due to their long and close association with the pcb manufacturing industry, their designers are able to produce a package which is unsurpassed in its acceptability to board manufacturers, with attendant savings in production costs.

The benefits of RTD Circuit Design:

  •  Firm quotation before the job is started - no surprises at the end of the project.
  •  A reliable estimate of the completion date - no project overruns due to conflicting staff allocations or priorities. 
  • The job will be carried out correctly, and designed for ease of manufacture - our bureau has combined electronics and pcb layout design experience in excess of 40 years, with years of involvement in the manufacturing industry. 
  • You receive a complete set of checking documents, including plots of the pcb layout, full manufacturing specification drawing, netlist and prints of the Gerber files. 
  • You are free from the worries of maintaining hardware, software, and trained staff to perform design work in-house - use Satcam's resources, not yours.

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