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QuickPlate2 for through-hole plating quickly and economically

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QuickPlate2 is a compact and convenient through-hole plating system that provides an economical alternative to traditional single bath electrolytic through-hole plating. 

Offering an economical alternative to electroplating 230mm x 305mm panels, the QuickPlate2 system avoids the wet electrolytic process by instead employing a conductive polymer material. Processing time is less than an hour. 

Suitable for all types of prototype board material, double sided or multilayer, the QuickPlate2 through-hole plating system works with T-Tech Hepa Vacuum. 


Once the circuit board is milled with the Quick Circuit precision prototyping system, the provided protective film is applied to the surface of the milled PCB and the required through-holes are drilled. Conductive material is then applied to the circuit board filling the through-holes. The QuickPlate2 vacuum table is activated using the T-Tech Hepa Vacuum to remove the excess conductive material, following which the protective film is removed and discarded. The PCB is cured using an oven for approximately 25 minutes. 

The QuickPlate2 system is supplied with conductive materials, squeegee and sand paper, goggles and gloves, protective film, and manual.

Quick Circuit PCB prototyping systems are made in the USA by T-Tech, Inc, represented for over 20 years by Satcam in Australia. Ranging from the entry level Model 3000 to the top-of-range QCJ5, the Quick Circuit PCB milling systems allow users to make their own circuit boards quickly and accurately without chemicals, using mechanical machining processes.

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