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Quick Plate for economical thru-hole plating on circuit boards

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The Quick Plate system offers an economical thru-hole plating solution for circuit boards without the problems associated with conventional plating lines.

T-Tech offers the Quick Plate system for customers who seek to economically achieve thru-hole plating on prototype and small-run circuit boards. 

Designed specifically for use with Quick Circuit advanced PCB prototyping systems, the Quick Plate thru-hole plating system is easy to use, quick and inexpensive, offers double-side or multilayer fabrication, has a single-bath process, and fits easily into the design lab or a small production facility. 

T-Tech's Quick Plate through hole plating systems allow one-hit true electrolytic plating of all holes on the panel. The 5-year electrolyte life minimises concerns about maintenance, and the system can produce a fully electroplated panel (to approximately 18um) in little more than an hour.

Supplied with everything needed to begin plating thru-holes, the Quick Plate system allows the user to avoid the short shelf life and disposal problems associated with conventional plating lines using electroless copper baths. 

The Quick Plate system can thru-plate a variety of substrates such as FR4, Duroid, FR2, Getek G10 and TMM. 

The Quick Plate thru-hole plating system is supplied with the Quick Plate plating tank and rinse tank, power supply, conductive ink (50g), copper anode plates and anode bags, plating rack (QP 1812 only), brightener, protective jumpsuit, goggles, gloves, manuals, squeegee and sand paper.

Quick Circuit PCB prototyping systems are made in the USA by T-Tech, Inc, represented for over 20 years by Satcam in Australia. Ranging from the entry level Model 3000 to the top-of-range QCJ5, the Quick Circuit PCB milling systems allow users to make their own circuit boards quickly and accurately without chemicals, using mechanical machining processes. 

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