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Alsoft hand sanitisers from Saraya Australia

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Alsoft steers clear of being just another alcohol based hand sanitiser. Alsoft hand sanitisers from Saraya Australia are designed to achieve the best possible hand hygeine compliance with a number of key differences that distinguishes them from other products:

  • The formula features a powerful dual antiseptic with residual activity which provides persistent action against pathogens
  • The hand sanitisers are formulated with advanced emollients to condition the skin which allows for repeated use without any drying effects
  • The dispensing method features a unique atomised spray that easily penetrates the fingernails and cuticles which are key areas of pathogen accumulation.
  • Traditional dispensing options are available including a choice of 500mL and 1L bottles with manual lockable dispensers
  • Innovative 'no touch' dispensers that provide accurate and effective application without risking cross-contamination

Alsoft hand sanitisers combine a highly effective forumla and innovative dispensing design to deliver a product that is a clear choice for all hand cleansing solutions.

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