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Sandvik Coromant’s Cutting Tools Recycling Program

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A cutting tools recycling program launched by Sandvik Coromant in 1996 enables their customers to dispose off their old tools safely and free of charge.  

Sandvik Coromant’s Coromant Recycling Concept (CRC) has proven that recycling of used cutting tools pays off environmentally and financially. One of the most proactive cutting tool manufacturers, the company has determined that production of tools from recycled material consumes up to 75% less energy than production from virgin materials. It also reduces CO2 emissions by roughly 40%.  

Besides, there is no difference in quality between cutting tools made from recycled or virgin materials.  

Going green is the current trend in the manufacturing world and Australian manufacturers may find themselves under pressure to become an environmentally-conscious shop. Companies however can use different approaches to improve operations that not only reduce the carbon footprint, but can also generate extra cash while reducing production costs.  

For example, when a carbide insert is replaced, about 95% of the carbide is still intact and capable of being recycled. Tungsten comprises 75% of the carbide content and is a finite resource with the interesting ability to be recycled infinitely, reducing the world’s reliance upon mining of this rare earth element.  

With over 85% of global tungsten output controlled by China, tight supply and increasing prices are causing concern across the tooling sector. Tungsten recycling is being seen as an attractive alternative by carbide tip producers and tool manufacturers to ensure security of supply, keep prices under control and reduce consumption of non-renewable raw materials.  

Most Sandvik Coromant customers are not concerned whether the tools they buy are made from recycled or virgin materials, though some consider tools made from recycled materials superior because of their positive impact on the environment.  

Given the swing towards adoption of green practices and the backdrop of rising tungsten prices and supply pressures, there is no excuse for not recycling carbide tools as almost every major cutting tool supplier has a program in place. With many of these suppliers actually buying back the used carbide, recycling is a wise financial and environmental choice.  

Sandvik Coromant’s cutting tools recycling program, the Coromant Recycling Concept (CRC) has access to three regional recycling facilities in India, Austria and USA. The CRC offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use and free-of-charge service to Sandvik Coromant customers.  

Using CRC, all used hard metal materials of any brand including solid carbide tools are collected in boxes placed by the machine tool.  

Sandvik Coromant Australia offers free collection boxes for its customers. Once full, the contents are transferred to a transport box, which is then picked up by the nearest Sandvik Coromant representative and returned to the Coromant manufacturing plant for recycling.  

Sandvik Coromant’s initiative, ‘Turn your trash into cash’ pays customers for scrap carbide, allowing participating companies to not only reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing, but also make some extra money by cashing in on the recycling concept.

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