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SAMSON's new Type 3730 electro-pneumatic positioner features convenient options regarding installation and start-up. It can easily be operated with just one knob which is used to choose between four initialisation modes for fast and automatic start-up.

With this positioner, a Samson control valve is instantly ready for operation.

For products of other manufacturers, the start-up technician only needs to select the deviating parameters by turning the knob, ie, the type of positioner-to-valve attachment and travel - and then adjust them, using the same knob for confirmation.

A list of parameters inside the positioner's lid supports the adjustment of the parameters.

The continuous-action positioner can be mounted in any position on all conventional linear and rotary actuators. The displayed values, however, never read upside down -- just push a button, and the display is turned by 180 degrees.

The PD control algorithm determines the signal pressure, which is then adjusted by the rugged flapper-nozzle assembly. The Type 3730 positioner therefore tolerates pressure variations in the supply air better than positioners based on other systems.

In addition, the flapper-nozzle assembly causes a slight excess pressure in the housing, resulting in a dry, non-corrosive atmosphere in the positioner. The output pressure limitation protects actuator and valve from excessive actuating forces. Samson Controls 02 9316 7800.

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