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CNS Response build custom medical service application on Force.com

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The web portal salesforce.com have announced that CNS Response have joined the growing number of companies who leverage with Force.com to build custom applications to improve their business.

CNS Response provide personalised medication guidance to psychiatrists and other physicians based on the patient's own brain function and the company's empirical database of 13,000 patient treatment episodes. Utilising a platform of 74 EEG biomarkers taken from standard EEG measurements, Referenced-EEG (rEEG) reports are provided to physicians as a service much the way pathology laboratory services assist other physicians.

Using Force.com, it took CNS Response less than four months to design and deploy a custom application that reduces data processing time from three days to less than 24 hours, and also provides physicians with secure access to patient test results, regardless of location.

In addition to building the test processing application, CNS Response used Force.com to integrate the custom solution with their Salesforce SFA and Salesforce Marketing applications, and to build a secure portal for their physician customers. CNS Response also tapped into the Force.com AppExchange to add email marketing capabilities from VerticalResponse.

Now CNS Response have an integrated solution that increases productivity of their marketing and sales teams, clinical users and production managers. The custom portal provides a secure way for a national network of physicians to gain fast, easy and secure access to their patients' Referenced-EEG (rEEG) test results.

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