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Polymer container labeling systems

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article image Inmould labeling systems can provide labels for polymer containers.

INMOULD labeling systems for polymer containers are becoming more popular due to proven quality product and cost effectiveness.

Inmould labeling systems, available from Safezone Electrics , has been on the market for some time but unfortunately took a while to be accepted by Australian industry. One reason for this was the inmould labeling systems were too expensive and not backed by service guarantees.

Safezone developed this inmould labeling robot to achieve high quality decoration on polymer containers at a very reasonable price. It is Australian made and developed, which means down time on breakdowns are minimal.

Safezone’s highly qualified technicians are available 24/7 for service and support. The company also provides service on special purpose machinery.

Safezone offers design and manufacturing advice for the automation industry and develops turnkey solutions.

Safezone has two types of inmould labeling robots for injection moulding machines to decorate polymer pails ranging from 500ml to 20L. One of these machines is a duel purpose robot covering the sizes from 500ml to 4L. It performs both lid and base due to the unique design of its robotic arm.

The other inmould labeling robot available from Safezone covers upwards of 5L, yet only at the base, since there is no need for large lids to be labeled.

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