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Danger safety signs available from Safety Plus Products

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Danger signs, available from Safety Plus Products , are safety signs that have red, black and white heading with the word ‘Danger’.

Danger safety signs are placed in a high visible position to alert people as to the risk or threat or dangerous situation. Danger safety signs are used inside and outside factories, on electrical fencing, on farms or places where excavation, building and construction works take place.

Danger safety signs are manufactured in Colourbond material for outside use, polypropylene material for inside use and Fluteboard material for temporary usage.

Danger safety sign messages consist of some of the following words:

  • Danger Construction Site – Authorised Personnel Only
  • Danger Keep Out
  • Danger High Voltage
  • Danger No Entry – Authorised Personnel Only
  • Danger Deep Excavation
  • Danger Flammable Materials
  • Danger Keep Off

Customers can place their own text to suit specific requirements.

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