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Safetech unveils new G-Force iQ Series

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The new G-Force iQ series, introduced by Safetech , offers high speed, precision and smooth motion, available in a 65, 150 and 300kg capacity units.

This G-Force iQ series combines performance and flexibility with durability. New features include 360 degree swivel, automatic load read out and enhanced interactivity with other devices.

New to the Q series

The combination of collector and air swivel prevents damage to coil; the optional air coil float mode option for ultimate load control comes with weight readout functionality

  • Choice of slide handle or control pendant
  • Add on push button air valves and electric switches for control of end tooling
  • Standard input / output capability optional expandable auxiliary I/O
  • Capable of operating two G-Force units with one handle or one G-Force from two different handle locations

The features of the G-Force iQ series:

  • Available in 75kg, 150kg, and 300kg capacity G360 collector and swivel assembly
  • Remote mount auxiliary I/O block mounted below the handle
  • Auxiliary 24 volt power supply to drive input/outputs and other sensors
  • Virtual limits and points of speed reduction is standard
  • Capable of operating two units with one handle
  • Capable of operating one unit with two different handle locations
  • Controls for easy upgrades 
  •  Handle configurations are easily changeable in the field
  • Standard coil cords with in-field add-on air hose
  • Slide and pendant handles are interchangeable between the Q and iQ
  • More processing power for smooth operation and improved performance
  • Improved float mode allows for better control of the load LCD on hand controller communicates more information like system status and diagnostics
  • Seamless operator present function by means of a photo sensor
  • Ergonomic slide handle design
  • Higher environmental ratings (more tolerant to dust and liquid)
  • Electric/air collector for eliminating coil cord damage
  • Pendant handle available
  • Optional standard auxiliary air valves and electric switches for hand controller make tooling integration easier
  • Input/output functionality makes the product suitable for more applications out of the box
  • Ease of installation for reduced installation time and costs
  • Readily accepted by operators because its easy to use and enhances their job performance
  • Rapid return on investment through increased productivity and reduced product damage
  • Decreases risk of operator injury creating a safer work environment

The G-Force iQ series gives customers benefits like:

  • PinPoint Precision
  • The G-ForceTM offers unparalleled precision and speeds from less than 1/3 mpm up to 25 mpm, giving the control needed to finesse fragile parts
  • High speed. With speeds exceeding 25 mpm, the G-ForceTM travels up to 4 times faster than traditional high end lifting devices currently on the market
  • Anti-recoil technology A G-Force safety feature. Unlike systems with centrifugal brakes (i.e. air balancers), the G-ForceTM does not move when there is a sudden change of load
  • Endless customisation opportunities. The G-Force Q series features four digital inputs and outputs. The external I/O can be customised. They can be used independently or integrated with end tooling to make dumb tooling
  • Protects fragile parts with virtual limits. The G-Force iQ can be easily taught to stop or reduce speed when it reaches a specific point in its lifting range

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