Safetech Single and Double Pallet Dispensers Provide Storage and Easy Retrieval of Empty Pallets

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Safetech's Pallet Dispensers provide storage and easy retrieval of empty pallets. Any operation that generates a significant number of empty pallets that are stored for later use is an ideal opportunity for a pallet dispenser.

Safetech has designed its pallet dispensers to lift pallets in the same way that a forklift or hand pallet truck does, with tynes under the board. This prevents pallet damage and safely stores and dispenses pallets as needed. 

Safetech’s pallet dispensers are designed to prevent pallet damage by lifting the same way a forklift or pallet truck does
  • Eliminates manual handling of pallets
  • Doesn't damage pallets  like other pallet dispensers do because the hook tynes do not grip pallets by crushing the sides
  • Frees up forklift time as retrieval of pallets can be done with hand pallet truck
  • Stores pallets safely and allows for the separation of forklift and pedestrian work areas
  • High capacity of either 15, 25 or 30 pallets
Safetech has 3 kinds of pallet dispensers which are ideal for any activity that generates empty pallets for later use
  • Enclosed hook tyne dispensers are loaded and unloaded from the front only by either hand pallet truck or forklift, they are compact in design and do not require fencing
  • Non enclosed hook tyne dispensers can be loaded and unloaded from either the front or back with a forklift or hand truck, they are supplied with fencing and can accept a pallet stack placed on the floor from one side and dispense individual pallets onto the floor from the other side
  • Double pallet dispensers are ideal for applications using double pallet lift trucks as it uses two separate pallet hoppers, one for each stack and allows the operator to select 1 or 2 pallets at a time. Each hopper can also raise and lower independently so that a single pallet can be dispensed from either stack.

Safetech's range of Pallet Dispensers are ideal for palletising lines using robotic palletises and stand-alone applications where a pallet is dispensed onto the floor. These dispensers improve workplace safety especially when combined with operator and forklift driver training. 

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