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Productivity increased with the Easy Arm® Q from Safetech

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A major auto parts supplier recently installed a 150 kg capacity Easy Arm® Q, available from Safetech , with an 2.5 M span in the loading bay of their stamp press.

The project integrator worked with the company to design a pneumatic gripping tool for the Easy Arm®, which enabled operators to reach into the bin, grip about 75 kgs of blanks and effortlessly guide them into the spindles on the loading table. This allowed operators to move 5-times the number of blanks compared to the average of 12 kgs when done manually. The result was much faster cycle times with less worker fatigue and no drop-off in productivity near the end of a shift.

The newly redesigned handle of the Q Easy Arm® offered additional benefits beyond lifting capacity. The Q-360 swivel at the top of the handle allows the operator to load and unload continuously without tangling the hose for the unit’s pneumatic tooling. The handle’s digital readout also makes programming and float mode easier to engage.

While higher productivity and smooth operation are beneficial, the lack of injuries related to this job was the primary goal attained with the Easy Arm®.

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