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AS1-1200 Mobile 24V Lift Platform from Safetech

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Safetech  offers AS1-1200 mobile 24V scissor lift platform for aircraft maintenance applications.  

Aircraft engine cowls and other components need to be supported, unscrewed as well as carefully lowered and taken aside during servicing of the engine assembly.  

Aircraft panels and parts are delicate as well as very expensive and require careful controlled support during maintenance procedures.  

Any lift platform suitable for the application has to be very mobile without requiring an extension lead for power.  

A large 1800mm x 850mm platform offering elevation from 780mm – 2000mm was required. Additionally, when lifting the engine cowl to the engine, the aircraft maintenance engineers required incremental lifting ability with millimetre accuracy.  

A foot operated pump-up trolley was not large or stable enough for the purpose and was ergonomically poor for the operator to elevate.  

Forklifts cannot be used in such close proximity due to the high risk of impact or damage.  

A special Safetech AS1-1200 hydraulic lift table has been found suitable for the application.   

Key features of the mobile lift platform include mobile base with wheels/ castors/ brake, a 24-volt DC power unit with on-board deep cycle batteries for press button operation and a lever operated oil pump to slowly inch the platform up when refitting the cowls.  

Key benefits of the mobile lift platform include:

  • Very easy to move around the hangar
  • 24-volt battery operation eliminates power leads running across the floor and the unit can be used at any location
  • Pushbutton powered raise/lower function plus the inching up via hand pump action provides effortless control
  • Enhanced productivity and staff morale


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