Accurately and Safely Position Goods with Safetech Hydraulic Tilters and Tilting Tables

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Safetech's hydraulic tilters allow containers to be tilted gradually so that parts and work are presented to an operator at an ideal height.

Hydraulic tilters provide optimal ergonomic working conditions
  • Ergonomic design and durable construction
  • Platform can have removable cradles that can be taken away by hand pallet truck
  • Wide range of platform options available including V-shaped cradle on one platform to support a roll of steel coil that is on a pallet and needs to be tilted to horizontal, ready to be paid out
These hydraulic tilters are available in several models:
  • AT90: For tilting rolls of plastic or steel coil
  • AT45 30: Can tilt 35-45º and can be standalone or incorporated in lift tables
  • Lo Level Cold Store: Tilts at 90º for loads of frozen goods and incorporates hydraulically adjustable top plattens
  • Lift and Tilt Tables: Positioned on top of Safetech lift tables
Present components in a safe and efficient working height and angle
Load parts in and out of stillages, boxes and other containers easily. Other industry applications include:
  • Parts assembly
  • Access to parts in bins
  • Tilting of rolls of plastic, paper or steel
  • Crates, stillages access
  • Cold Store tilters for dunnage sheet removal
  • Change orientation of goods  (stand-alone or within a production line)
  • Tilt containers of liquid towards outlet drain
Safetech Tilters offer a safe controlled tilt of heavy and valuable items.  Forklifts are often used instead, which is uncontrolled, dangerous and can results in expensive damage to product.

To find out how Safetech's lifting and rotating tilters can accurately and safely position materials, contact them today using the online enquiry form.
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