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BarricadeU Multiclamp modular Handrails and Balustrades offer safety solutions for a wide range of applications. Multiclamp fittings are used to construct lightweight tubular steel structures and are manufactured to suit five different tube sizes.

Multiclamp fittings require no welding, drilling or special tools simply a hexagon key to tighten the special set screws that embed into the tube, which improves safety and reduces the need for hot-work permits, while the galvanised finish reduces the risk of corrosion, increasing longevity and reducing the need for on-site maintenance.
  • Multiclamp fittings will support an axial load of up to 900 kgs when tightened to a torque of 39Nm.
  • The modular construction of BarricadeU Multiclamp Handrails and Balustrades also ensures a higher quality finished product that can be customised to suit any application easily. 
  • All BarricadeU Multiclamp rails and barriers can be pre-coloured to suit safety purposes or to create visual appeal in public locations. Colouration is carried out on all components prior to installation, which removes the need to touch up or repaint once the finished piece is installed.
Multiclamp is the safe and simple solution to build many different types of lightweight tubular structures, the applications are only limited by imagination and the following are just a small selection that can be constructed.
  • Handrailing                
  • Guardrailing              
  • Balustrades 
  • Pedestrian Barriers
  • Catwalks
  • Disabled ramps
  • Bikeway Barriers
  • Roof Edge Protection
  • Industrial Barriers
  • Platforms
  • Trolley bays
  • Mezzanine levels
  • Exhibition stands
  • Cattle pens
  • Walkways
  • Stairs
  • Stables
  • Tyre racks

Our Installation service covers a comprehensive support package from initial site survey through to full site installation and sign off backed by relevant
technical documentation and data throughout the project.

Whether it be a roof railing or a trolley park, tyre rack or walkway our installation service covers the complete diversity of applications for this incredibly versatile product.

Our qualified installation teams are fully trained in the applications and scope of this product and have the technical expertise to react and resolve any
queries that may arise during the installation process.

By offering this high level of installation service we can rest assured that whatever your application is for the Barricade Multiclamp system we can provide a high quality product backed by a seamless installation service

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