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Safemaster Height Safety Solutions  offers a wide range of stringently engineered fall protection and access systems based on its expertise in the height safety industry.

Safemaster’s height safety solutions include modular ladder and pull down attic ladder systems, roof walkway and handrail systems, rigid rail, staticline and anchor point systems in addition to the new Connect2 Surfacemount, Customfix and Tilefix anchor points.

Connect2 Surfacemount anchor points can be fixed onto most roof profiles while Customfix anchor points are designed specifically for corrugated roof sheeting and Tilefix anchor points suit all tile profiles.

All Safemaster roof anchors are rated at 22kN and manufactured from high grade stainless steel, electropolished after manufacture to remove any impurities from the manufacturing process.

Connect2 Surfacemount roof anchor points

Incorporating a unique energy absorbing swivel anchor system that allows the user to work a complete 360° around the anchor point with ease, Connect2 Surfacemount is designed to fix onto the top rib of most roof profiles using specialised structural rivets. The design greatly reduces the risk of leaks since there is no penetration on the roof sheet.

Customfix roof anchor points

Featuring the innovative technological design of Safemaster’s Vertic energy absorber, the low profiled Customfix anchor point is designed specifically for use on corrugated roof sheeting, which is commonly used on pitches over 20° and therefore is visible from the ground. The aesthetically pleasing Customfix anchor point reduces the visual impact normally associated with surface mounted anchor points.

Tilefix roof anchor points

Also incorporating the unique design of Safemaster’s Vertic energy absorber, the Tilefix anchor point can be used on all tile profiles including clay, cement or slate. Installed with no penetration to the tile, the roof anchors eliminate the risk of leaks. The Tilefix anchor point is fixed to the timber rafter or the top chord of the timber truss using readily available Type 17 screws. Five rows of holes running lengthways on the fixing plate provide flexibility in fixing the anchor point in the best position over the tile.

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