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MDX Refrigeration Air Dryers from S & L Engineering eliminate the damage produced by condensate, without wasting compressed air.

By separating the humidity from the compressed air, damage is reduced to the distribution network, the machine using it as well as the final product.

Refrigeration dryers for increased profits
Benefits of adding a refrigeration dryer to your compressed air applications include:

  • Lower cost of the distribution plant which can be made without slopes, separators and condensate drains
  • Lower maintenance costs for the distribution network and for the machines using the compressed air and pneumatic tools
  • Energy savings due to less line pressure drops
  • Longer life of pneumatic equipment as dry air assures reliable performance over time
  • Greater productivity give the reduction of inappropriate standstills due to faults of the machineries
  • Better quality of the final product

MARK are world leaders in the manufacture of dryers and are the only producer of compressors designing and manufacturing in its prem

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