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Rydell Supplies New Rapplon Quick Splice Box Folding Belts

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article image Rapplon Quick Splice Box Folding Belts

Conveyor belts specialist Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co introduces the new Rapplon range of quick splice box folding belts.  

Available in 3mm, 4mm and 5.5mm thickness options, Rapplon quick splice box folding belts comply with the latest requirements of the packaging industry.  

Rapplon’s new generation of folder-gluer belts allows users to reach maximum high speed folding and versatility on die-cut boxes. Speeds over 600m per minute have become a benchmark in modern plants, which can only be achieved by highly reliable box folding belts.  

Rapplon’s quick splice box folding belts offer advantages such as edge stability, flexibility, quick splice, energy savings and longer service life.  

Edge stability
Rapplon folder gluer belts often run in guide rails between flanges, requiring wear-resistant belt edges to avoid edge fraying. The new box folding belts offer high resistance in comparison with other finger-jointed belts.  

Rapplon’s quick splice box folding belts offer a high amount of flexings, twists and small pulley diameters for superior flexibility.  

Quick splice
The advanced belt design facilitates the splicing and fitting of the belts, allowing easy and reliable joining without use of adhesives. Thanks to the new Rapplon tools, belts can be replaced within 6 minutes.  

Energy savings
A high amount of twists and flexings over small pulleys typically generates heat resulting in waste of energy, but the new Rapplon belts offer energy savings up to 40%.  

Longer service life
Rapplon quick splice belts have an extremely efficient and wear-resistant XNBR rubber cover. Additionally, dimensional stability is improved with the Rapplon belts featuring a moisture-insensitive PES tension member.

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