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Rydell releases plastic modular belts for the baking industry

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Rydell is the exclusive supplier of a comprehensive range of Uni chains plastic modular belting and chains.

Uni chains has developed new belts for the bakery industry. Rydell can supply the new Uni chains UniFlex L-OSB and OSB plastic modular belts for the bakery industry.

UniFlex L-OSB 65% open modular belt

Product cooling is critical in the bakery industry as insufficiently cooled bread or product sweating can lead to early spoilage. Spirals are commonly used to cool and freeze baked goods in a compact space, often with controlled temperature and humidity. With greater pressure on bakeries to increase output, reduce energy costs and improve product consistency, the spiral belt can play an important role in the entire process.

To support bakeries in improving their cooling processes, Uni chains has developed the 2’” pitch UniFlex L-OSB belt for cooling and transport of larger baked goods such as loaves and buns. With an incredible 65% open area fully extended and as much as 54% open even when the inside edge is completely collapsed, it ensures the best airflow and consistent cooling across the belt.

The carefully designed links have only 12% contact area with the baked product, preventing moisture build-up on the bottom of the product. With the largest open area available and the lowest contact area bakeries can benefit from more efficient cooling or the possibility of shorter spirals.

Key advantages of UniFlex L-OSB open modular belts include more efficient cooling with highest airflow in the market; less sweating on base of product due to only 12% contact area; lighter belt for lower energy costs and more economical spiral design; stronger belt for higher loads and product throughput; and shorter or smaller conveyors possible.

UniFlex OSB 60% open modular belt

Uni chains has designed their 1” pitch UniFlex OSB belt in response to the needs of bakers for more homogenous cooling. It offers 60% open area fully extended and 41% collapsed, ensuring excellent cooling wherever the product is placed on the spiral. At only 14% contact area, excellent airflow is ensured reducing sweating on the base of the product. This means higher quality baked goods as well as more efficient cooling leading to a win-win situation.

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