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Rydell releases new ultra light modular conveyor belt

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Specialist conveyor belt suppliers and Australian distributors for the comprehensive Uni chains range of plastic modular belting and chains, Rydell announces the release of Uni ULB, the revolutionary ultra light modular belt.

Uni chains modular belts provide a wide range of industries with outstanding modular conveyance solutions. Rydell proudly presents the Uni ULB (Ultra Light Belt), a lightweight modular belt that is food safe; offers impressive performance at a remarkably light belt-weight; is an economical alternative to heavier and more expensive belts; and is easy to operate, maintain and clean.

Be it the food industry, where its hygiene and easy-clean features make it a stand-out, or other industries where its exceptional durability along with fast and easy mounting drives its appeal, the Uni ULB has a unique place among belting solutions.

The new Uni ULB - best and lightest in class

Why pay for more weight than you can use? Your conveying solution should give you just what you need. With the Uni ULB, you can cut down on capital investment costs and power consumption while maintaining the highest standards of performance.

Revolutionary Construction

The Uni ULB is the first ultra light belt capable of carrying loads up to 1,000kg on a standard 1m width. Key features also include lighter weight for significantly more competitive cost; durable design ensuring a long service life; no tension force required during set-up or adjustments during operation for maximum running time; and more manageable to handle than standard belts during mounting and dismounting, with less demand on the workforce.

Food Industry Favourite

Uni ULB modular belts offer top food safety features including a hygienic design and white and blue colours; ‘exposed pin’ design for quick and easy wash-down; and a semi-closed hinge construction preventing food accumulation when the belt flexes at the sprocket.

The Environmental Belt

Environmental features of the Uni ULB include lighter weight ensuring lower power consumption and a smaller carbon footprint; easy-clean features minimising water consumption and cleaning fluid use; and long service life and recyclable core materials delivering outstanding cradle-to-cradle credentials.

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