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Rydell offers new Uni JCB plastic modular belting for the corrugated board industry

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Industrial belting specialist Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co in conjunction with Ammeraal Beltech Modular who have many years of experience in operating modular belts within all types of corrugated production plants would like to introduce Uni JCB belting.
Ammeraal Beltech introduces the new generation product, Uni JCB modular belt system to fulfil its role as a responsible business partner to the corrugated industry.
Safety first

Observing corrugated plant personnel walking on moving modular conveyor belts as part of their normal daily work routines led to the design of the Uni JCB belt. This belt presents a new safety top surface, Y profile tread pattern and high visibility belt edges.
Anything that can help to increase worker safety should always be a high priority. With increasing liability placed on plant owners and managers, the corrugated industry will highly appreciate this new contribution made towards worker safety by means of the new Uni JCB belt system.
The new Uni JCB belt features very high load capacity enabling long conveyor sections and reducing the number of transfer points. When combined with the new curved profiled belt underside, smoother running around conveyor terminal rollers and high stack quality are maintained during transportation.
Safe walk

  • Y profile safety top belt surface
  • Appropriate surface grip for pedestrians crossing belts
  • High visibility belt edges to outline movement zone edges
  • Chamfered belt edges to reduce trip risks
Lower total cost of ownership

  • Enables fully automatic transporting of corrugated stacks
  • Eliminates use of slip sheets for most corrugated products
  • No contact pressure damage to lower corrugated sheets
  • Clean hygienic contact surfaces, no dirt marking of sheets
  • Low maintenance costs due to almost zero maintenance requirements
  • Long belt lifetimes, economical transport solution
Plant efficiency

  • Safe reliable transportation of all corrugated products
  • No elephant’s feet on base of corrugated stacks
Uni JCB belt features:

  • High load capacity, longer conveyor sections, less drive motors, less product transfers
  • Higher belt stiffness than Uni QNB belts, lower belt sag at high loads
  • Profiled link base for smoother in-line product transfers
  • Unique pin-locking system for ease of belt installation
  • Fully interchangeable with Uni QNB belt system

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