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Rydell offers Ammeraal Beltech's Safe & Clean Belt Concept

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article image ​Rydell are the exclusive Australian agent for the comprehensive range of Ammeraal Beltech products
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Rydell are the exclusive Australian agent for the comprehensive range of Ammeraal Beltech products.

Food safety is more important than ever. As a leading producer of process and conveyor belts, particularly for the food industry, Rydell and Ammeraal Beltech develop new generations of products and solutions focusing on hygiene – the cornerstone of your business. Confidence in food safety is paramount when choosing Ammeraal Beltech & Rydell as a belt supplier in the food industry.

The new modular belt, uni ECB (Easy Clan Belt) and the range of sprocket driven Homogenous belts available prove this. New belts are made within the SAFE & CLEAN concept with common target related to the highest levels of hygiene and clean ability.


Ammeraal Beltech provides a Food Safety solution based on:

  • Safe products comply with international standards as EC 1935/2004, FDA and USDA
  • Belt design, colours and materials, that help you achieve your HACCP
  • Innovative solutions to avoid migration
  • Full belt material traceability records


Ammeraal Beltech provides cleanable belts:

  • Easy and fast cleaning of belts
  • Cleaning cost drastically reduced
  • Lowest amount of water, detergent and labour time required
  • Cleaning in motion possible
  • Control of cross contamination due to blue belt / food product

In your meat processing plant operational costs will drop and the efficiency will improve drastically using the SAFE & CLEAN belt solutions: uni ECB and the range of Homogenous sprocket driven belts. Both belts enable you to improve hygiene to a level never seen before. Resources needed to clean the belts are reduced – less water, less energy and less man-hours. uni ECB and Homogenous sprocket driven belts are taking clean ability one step further.

Uni ECB, Easy Clean belt, has been developed in close co-operation with a top reference meat processing plant for cutting lines. By removing the pin and pinhole a major bacteria trap is eliminated.

Easy to clean Single Link and Snap Link design without brick lay reduce downtime for cleaning as well as bacteria growth. Specific design improves draining performance as well as cleaning.

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