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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co's high quality Slinger belts

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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co  offers high quality Slinger belts which are manufactured as a “truly endless” construction without any seam or join. Utilising the lastest drum made belt technology, our Rycon Slinger Belts are custom made, to suit the specific application required. Whether transporting coal, woodchips, sugar or grain, Rydell’s technicians can design a belt to give the best performance and longest life possible.  

Rydell can fabricate our Rycon Slinger Belts with any number of plies and textile grades to achieve maximum performance. They can also compound our rubber covers to resist abrasion, oils or any other requirement you have. All these belts are manufactured to ISO 9002:1994 for consistant quality.  

Main Features of Rycon Slinger Belts:

  • High Quality elastomer compounds
  • High Strength fabrics
  • Extremely strong ply adhesion
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Truly endless construction
  • Long Service Life
  • Range of compound formulations
  • Value for money

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