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Abrasablast Vapour Blasting Service from Rustbusters Australia

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Rustbusters Australia’s  Abrasablast vapour blasting service is a specialised method of component surface restoration providing derusting, scale removal, decarbonising, deoxidising, paint removal, cosmetic surface finishing, grease and other surface-contaminant removal.

The Abrasablast vapour blasting service is suitable for component cleaning and surface preparation prior to polishing, painting, coating, plating or bonding.

The Abrasablast vapour blasting service can be used for collector car, veteran, vintage and classic car, motorcycle and commercial vehicle restoration projects. Automotive, aviation, marine, electrical, electronic, in fact virtually any industry is catered for.

From fine deburring, wet honing, peening, bonding preparation, circuit board cleaning, coating removal, deflashing, mould cleaning, pre-paint and pre-plating surface preparation through to increasing component life by stress relieving.

The ideal Vaqua process uses wet spherical glass beads to remove all surface contaminants, totally replacing solvent brushing, dry blasting and chemical immersion. Critical tolerances, threads, bearing surfaces are fully maintained. The Abrasablast vapour blasting provides the ideal in cleaning and surface preparation for the automotive parts.

Advantages of having the job Abrasablast vapour blasted

  • Precision Vaqua-process cleaned with wet glass-bead blasting. Simultaneous removal of oil, grease, burnt on carbon, paint, scale, oxides and other soil material
  • Environmentally friendly - no toxic or harmful chemicals are used and no atmospheric pollution is generated
    No component erosion or impregnation - critical tolerances including bearing sizes, threads, sharp edges, delicate etchings and precision surfaces are maintained
  • Flash rusting inhibition or clear surface coating can be applied if requested
  • Good finishes are obtained to prepare surfaces for either further polishing, paint application, anodising or plating
  • Abrasablast handles items up to 700mm square and 200Kg mass in Vaqua system
  • Rapid turnaround guaranteed, trade customers rely on the speed and precision, people can trust Abrasablast with components from their special project too

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