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Architectural Coatings

  • Unlike any acrylic or polyurethane coating technology
  • The world's only coating systems formulated from a nylonic polymer
  • It is as different from other acrylics or polyurethanes as steel is from wood
  • Comes as a crystal clear liquid. Its surface dries within twenty minutes to a crystal clear, smooth finish that is incredibly durable

Features of Nyalic Clear Coatings

  • Guaranteed to never chalk, chip, crack, peel or yellow
  • Withstands many temperature extremes without degradation
  • Application is either by spray, by hand application be it roller, foam brush or even with a lint free cloth
  • Self levelling and self annealing, a trained applicator can easily achieve a finished surface that is uniform, smooth and surprisingly beautiful

Applications of Anti Slip Coatings

  • Keeps RVs and campers looking like new
  • Protects both metal and alloys from oxidation and provides corrosion resistance
  • Ideal as a clear coat for finished surfaces
  • Restores faded fibreglass and painted finishes


  • Extremely durable coatings able to withstand extreme temperature changes
  • Prevents UV damage to fine aircraft finishes
  • Australian proven on VH FSI, VH DTX and others


  • Ideal for use on architectural finishes such as bronzed or anodized aluminium structures
  • Durability makes it especially suited for surface protection of materials in inaccessible locations
  • Extends the life of a painted or anodized surface many fold

Component Manufacturing

  • Adds value to manufactured products by giving them oxidation and corrosion protection
  • Use it on such items as hinges, springs, liners, fasteners, wheels, vehicle trim, handles, circuit boards and other electric components

Food Service

  • Approved for use in meat and poultry plants, on metals, painted and fibreglass surfaces
  • Creates a surface that washes easily and reduces cleaning time
  • A Nyalic® coated surface is impervious to bleach, acids and salts


  • Ideal for use any equipment, structures, facilities or machinery
  • Provides inexpensive total protection against corrosion, oxidation and discolouration
  • Eliminates the need to repaint by extending the substrate life several fold


  • Ideal for use on aluminium, fibreglass and metal surfaces exposed to salt water, salt air and intense sunlight
  • Corrosion Controls and inhibits oxidation and discolouration
  • Provides a smooth, durable surface that is easily washed free of marine growth
  • Used on fast ferries on Sydney Harbour and Port Authority Pilot Vessels


  • Can be used for mobile homes, aluminium siding and metal windows
  • Prevents painted surfaces from oxidizing and fading
  • Extends the life of difficult to paint surfaces, like wrought iron fencing


  • Ideal for use on ocean going containers, trucks, trailers, railway cars, airline cargo containers
  • Extends the life of your painted or polished surface
  • Provides a smooth surface that is easily washed clean
  • Prevents colour on your decals fading caused by oxidation and intense UV exposure
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