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Doming Technology in Input Units and Keypads from Rubin Group

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Rubin Group announces the new addition of doming technology in the Bopla's input units sector, especially for industrial keypads. Doming technology involves the input units coated with a transparent plastic compound, which produces results of high quality design and easy operation.

The Doming technology is applied with a thin frame of soldermask placed under pressure on the edge of an input unit key. Then a precise quantity of polyurethane compound is “dripped” on top. This creates the compound into its dome shape and is bonded permanently on the front membrane.

The Doming technology’s plastic compound forms the top layer of the input unit. When there are any mechanical deformations, the plastic compound acts as a “self healing” in which the material quickly returns to its original shape. Keys with doming compound extensions are more rigid and cannot be illuminated with LEDs. However, the technology can be combined with an EL membrane.

Doming technology offers increased protection, as well as ease of use, in input units and industrial keyboards

For more information on doming technology in the input units sector and industrial keyboards, contact Rubin Group or visit their website.

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