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RS Components provide a complete range of heating ventilation and air conditioning products including air conditioners, cooling fans, heaters, filters and ducting.

RS also sells a large range of thermal management products from thermally conductive insulators, Peltier thermoelectric modules, heat sinks, cabinet and enclosure fans and heaters for any industrial or commercial application.

Heating ventilation and air conditioning

  • Air conditioning & climate control units – A large range of air conditioning and climate control products including portable and fixed air conditioners, evaporative coolers and dehumidifiers as well as supply space or room heaters, wireless and wired thermostats and central heating controllers along with a complete range of related accessories and kits
  • Air filters & accessories – A comprehensive range of air filters such as panel filters, bag filters and filter media as well as HEPA filters, dedicated grease filters and accessories such as filter loss gauges to monitor filter performance
  • Air management accessories – A wide range of air management accessories including damper actuators, backdraught shutters, grilles, louvres and spigot plates as well as actuator switches and linkage kits
  • Electronics heating & cooling – A wide range of products for the heating or cooling of electronics devices, components or enclosures. The range includes air-to-air heat pumps, liquid heat exchangers, thermo-electric Peltier modules and heat sinks
  • Electronic humidity & pressure control devices – Products to help control humidity and pressure within electronic systems and enclosures. The range includes pressure compensation plugs, drain plugs, hygrostats and humidity indicators
  • Fan parts & accessories – Air quality switches, fan speed controllers, fan leads, motors, impellers, finger guards, fan mounts, gaskets and refurbishment kits
  • Fans – A comprehensive range of fans for almost every application from desk fans to high capacity axial plate fans and centrifugal blowers
  • HVAC ducting – HVAC ducting in from 100mm to 305mm diameter
  • HVAC sensors and controllers – Heating and hot water programmers, humidistats, thermostats, wiring centres and temperature sensors from brands such as Honeywell, Eberle and Theben

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30/12/08 - RS Components have combined their extensive range of thermal management products with the latest innovative devices to create comprehensive thermal management offerings now available.

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