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Royce Cross Agencies , an electric motor institution, specialise in supplying electric motors and accessories from leading brands. Product ranges include variable speed drivers, plugs, sockets, phase change converters, motor starters, pulleys and couplings. The motor accessories include electric motor fan blades, fan covers, fan forced kits, microtherms, three bead thermistors and electric motor slide rails.

Royce Cross Agencies supply aluminium fan blades and plastic fan blades manufactured by Scorpion. In aluminium fan blades, the fans can be drilled according to the shaft sizes. The fan forced kits are available with different voltage powers such as 240 volt and 415 volt. The different sizes of fan forced kits are IEC frames D63 – 450. The fan forced kits can be used to cool down the electric motors when it is functioned at lower speeds with variable speed drivers.

Royce Cross Agencies supply electric motor slide rails from RXM motors. The slide rails can be used for adjusting the motor position while using the belt drives. The slide rails are useful in tension adjustment for belt driven equipment. The different sizes of slide rails are 80 motor frames to 355 motor frames. The features include mounting bolts, nuts and cast construction.

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