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Valve actuators from Rotork Australia

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Rotork Australia , part of Rotork PLC, are proud to be associated with their latest valve actuation and control technologies. One of Rotterdam's busiest terminals, the Maatschap Europoort Terminal (MET), has relied on Rotork for valve control since the 1970s. The 260 'A' range of BBC valve actuators have been regularly overhauled since then but it was found that after 35 years spare parts were no longer available and the cabling was beginning to become less reliable.

The MET decided to update the terminal with modern valve control technology that would be reliable as well as meet legislative and environmental standards now and into the future. The program began in 2008 when Rotork in the Netherlands surveyed and reported on the existing valve actuators and cabling.

It was then decided to upgrade the valve control system with Rotork IQPro intelligent electric valve actuators. It was also decided to upgrade the valve control system with Rotork Pakscan P3 two-wire digital control at the same time to take advantage of the advanced monitoring, control and data logging capabilities of Rotork's actuation technology.

The replacement of the valve actuators started in 2010 and at the time of writing the first 110 of the new actuators had been installed. The project is expected to be completed over a five year period.

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