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PE safety beams and light curtains are used to prevent gates from closing on vehicles and pedestrians, whilst loop detectors perform the same functions but only detect vehicles.  

PE Safety Beams + Light Curtains

Rotech have a range of PE safety beams for every application.

  • i5 through-beam with infra-red sender and receiver with upto 40 metre of coverage.
  • PC 50 reflective safety PE beam has a reflector to complete the circuit +an operating range of 10 metres.
  • Photon PE beam has a battery powered transmitter, convenient when access to power is limited.
  • Vandal proof 910 + 920 PE beams are exceptionally strong for installation in high risk areas.
  • The FT981 vandal proof PE safety beam is powered by 4 AA batteries for situations where a wireless option is preferred.
  • Light curtains ensure maximum coverage with up to 8 beams, 20 metres of coverage at 2 metres high.


Secure entry to any building with our range of keypads.

  • Smartguard wired keypads, for affordable functionality + reliability
  • Smartguard Air Wireless keypads with 2 AA batteries + upto 2 years of battery life
  • Digipas Vandal Proof keypads, solid high strength to withstand extreme abuse.


The G_SPEAK is a 3G GSM mobile phone switching device with the ability to switch devices on and off and receive SMS alerts.

Loop Detectors

THE LD range of dual + single channel loop detectors are used to either open a gate or prevent it from closing + come in 13 different models.

  • Fast - detecting both small cars + trucks
  • Low Power - Suitable for solar power or battery back up
  • Compact - for confined spaces
  • Programmable - with vehicle counter, sensitivity adjustment + timer.
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