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Rotech’s TriStar F21 full height turnstiles securing properties

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The latest full height turnstiles from Rotech Group Pty Ltd have been installed at various facilities to address security concerns arising out of terrorist threats in Australia.

Following the tragic Lindt Cafe hostage situation, and the realisation that the country was not immune to acts of terror, organisations across Australia have firmed up their security protocol to protect their employees. Several businesses such as television stations, corporate offices and strategic manufacturing facilities have installed Rotech’s full height turnstiles to control access to their properties.

Conventional methods of securing properties and facilities are changing rapidly. Developers and building owners are now more willing to consider physical barriers for security and are increasingly looking for access control systems that offer the right combination of security, user comfort and personal safety to enhance and add value to their building.

Rotech’s TriStar F21 full height turnstile boasts of increased height over the previous model, adding to accessibility without compromising on security. An innovative battery back-up system provides a level of security not available before on an Australian made turnstile.

Rotech’s TriStar F21 full height turnstile offers the optimum level of secure access and the required robustness for use outdoors or indoors.

When the TriStar F21 full height turnstile is used in tandem with an access control system, operators can quickly list out the employees or visitors remaining in the building, so that no one is left behind in an urgent evacuation situation. For instance, operators can monitor the time and attendance of each individual; track the movement of visitors in or out; and restrict access by unauthorised people.

With an increased requirement for security monitoring, the new status indication system allows the operator to see when the turnstile is closed and if the entry (or exit) is freewheeling. The emergency key release is also monitored.

The TriStar F21 full height turnstile’s innovative battery back-up system easily handles power outages with the built-in relay automatically initiating the power back-up and setting off a loud warning siren to indicate the activation. The turnstile can operate normally on back-up for up to 3000 cycles.

The battery back-up system is a particularly important feature of the new turnstile, especially when the access control system needs to receive information and monitor movement in the event of power failure in an emergency situation.

Accessibility concerns are also addressed by the TriStar F21 turnstile with the internal height increased to 2100mm and the wide entrance allowing easy access for personnel wearing hard hats, and carrying tools and equipment while still preventing tailgating or piggy backing. Built for reliable operation, the low maintenance turnstile incorporates soft start and stop technology, enabling even children to easily move the rotating arms without compromising on safety and security.

Compatible with all access control systems, the TriStar F21 can be customised with special features to suit the application. Rotech’s full height turnstiles are also available in solar and portable versions for installation in remote areas, or building sites with limited access to mains power.

For more information about Rotech’s pedestrian access control products, visit the Turnstiles and FlapBarriers page. Call Alan Roberts at Rotech on 07 3250 1123.

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