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Rotech can provide and customise any type of pedestrian access gate or turnstile for use in factories, offices, gyms, malls, and other high traffic areas. Along with an access control system, turnstiles can be used to monitor movement of personnel for security and attendance. They can also be easily integrated into ticketing systems for amusement parks and sporting venues.

TriStar F21 FH Full Height Turnstile

This is an Australian Made turnstile with numerous features easily customised and parts available locally. It is bi-directional with a galvanised frame and rotor and a soft start / stop mechanism. This is a high quality product and backed by a 5 year guarantee

Options include

  • 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Portable base to allow for easy relocation
  • Status indication shows if the turnstile is closed, in operation or manually released
  • Warning lights that flash if the status of the turnstile is interrupted
  • Solar panel operation for areas without mains power

TriStar J18 Waist Height Turnstile

  • Made of 304-stainless steel
  • Allows an average throughput of 25 people/minute
  • Configured for either single or bi directional access.
  • Illuminated indicators show if the card is accepted.
  • Any access control system can be integrated for even better functionality.
  • IP65 rated control panel, making it water proof, dust proof + suitable for external use.

Sentinel ECO Automatic Supermarket Gate

Manage the growing problem of shoplifting in any retail outlet with a supermarket gate and rails that directs customers through the checkout.

Features + options include..

  • Designed + manufactured in Italy
  • Different types + sizes of arms
  • LED indicator lights in the motor column
  • Radar control
  • PE safety beams
  • 1 second opening speed for quick + easy customer traffic flow
  • SafeGate technology measures the speed + force of the gate safeguarding customers
  • Contemporary + trendy architectural design 
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