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Rotech is the Australian manufacturer and supplier of automatic boom gates and provides customised, high quality products with good technical back up.

Sentinel PL Boom Gate

  • Australian Made, customisable with spares readily available
  • The PLC can be programmed according to clients’ specifications
  • 100% duty cycle + capable of 4000 operations per day
  • Adjustable auto time close + delay on exit is standard 
  • Warning lights and sirens can be fitted to enhance safety
  • Add up to 3 loop detectors with built in diagnostics for several accessories

Sentinel AG DC Boom Gate

  • The first automatic boom gate with digital thinking
  • Advanced brushless 36V DC motor can run up to 5000 operations per day with 100% duty cycle
  • Opens gates up to 6 metres with an operating time of 3-6 seconds
  • Machined steel gears and high quality bearings ensuring precision movement and long life
  • Programmable flashing LED lights on the cabinet and length of the boom pole to ensure high visibility
  • Absolute encoder constantly monitors the speed and position of the boom pole enabling instant reversal if the pole is obstructed in any way
  • The control unit can adjust and accurately handle differential opening/closing speeds
  • Easily programmed multifunction digital control unit is easily set up with large LCD display, speed control, ramp up/down and safety sensing stored in memory
  • Optional battery back up

The Sector DC Boom Gate

  • Suitable for up to 3000 operations per day
  • Electronic safety sensing protects vehicles + pedestrians
  • Battery backup is standard
  • Can be configured to operate on solar power
  • Powder coated stainless steel cabinet suitable for coastal areas
  • In-built radio receiver
  • Quick set up through the controller with LCD display

Sentinel KL Heavy Duty Boom Gate for Entrances up to 12 metres

  • Opening speed of 12 seconds
  • Enhanced visibility with 200mm amber flashing warning lights
  • Remote access can be enabled through computerised controls, using TCP/IP or RS485 protocol.
  • A very durable, feature-rich high quality product to suit any environment

Sentinel ES Series Industrial Boom Gates for Entrances up to 8 metres

  • German manufactured industrial boom gates
  • Poles measuring 5 to 8 metres.
  • Electronic safety sensing and 3 in-built loop detectors
  • 6 different programmable relays with 4 different operating modes
  • Status indication, vehicle counter, pre movement warning, and up to 6 safety beams.
  • Multi-function control panel
  • 10 year corrosion warranty.
  • The latest technology allows for remote access using the patented ‘Easy Control’ software.
  • Technically advanced and reliable
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