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Accurate heat monitoring of human heat stress in the workplace and on the sports field, can reduce costs, improve performance and contribute to improved health and safety.

The information gathered via these heat stress monitors can later be used for predicting heat stress in the future.

Heat stress monitors for a work and recreational environments

  • Military training exercises and combat
  • Mining
  • Foundries
  • Agriculture
  • Offshore oil operations
  • Endurance sports
  • Office environments
  • Many other industrial settings

Improve health and safety with human heat stress monitors

  • Removable environmental data sensor system that can be automatically deployed and stowed without difficulty
  • LCD display with low power consumption and good contrast in sunlight as well as indoor lighting
  • Offers real time data logging of thermal stress and can be downloaded to a personal computer
  • The instrument is approximately 384 cm³ and weighs 370 gm
  • Uses four standard AA-sized, 1.5V, alkaline batteries
  • Easily stored and packed away
  • The HSM is equipped with thermistor-based sensors to measure a variety of environmental parameters
  • All calibration data and signal conditioning electronics are contained in the sensor module with a digital serial interface
  • The 119 x 73 pixel graphics LCD has sufficient resolution to display all the required environmental parameters without excessive paging
  • A black globe is used to measure radiant heat
  • All environmental data used to calculate a single heat strain measurement may be displayed in real time
  • The instrument can be tripod mounted for specific placement when in data logging mode

Compact, versatile and precise, Romteck's heat stress monitors are ideal for observing heat stress in a range of industrial applications.

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16/09/10 - The Romteck Environmental Monitoring Systems is used by many organisations to comply with the legislative requirements enforced by the Environmental Protection Authority.

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