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Universal top jaws from SCHUNK with metric tongue and groove can be used in all wedge-bar power chucks with quick jaw change. The flexibility of these jaws can reduce set-up times and costs, especially for small and variable batch sizes.

With three blades on three clamping rows, the jaw rapidly bites into the surface of the workpiece.

The flexibility of universal top jaws means that workpieces can be clamped in the ID or OD. Exchangeable workpiece bolts enable the adjustment to different clamping depths with the same set of jaws. These jaws can be used even for bar machining.

Universal top jaws permit the user to cover up to four clamping positions (i.e. a large clamping range) with a single set of jaws (in the case of wedge-bar power chucks with quick jaw change). This lowers set-up times and costs and enables more efficient work. Furthermore, high cutting parameters (speed, feed rate, cutting depth, etc.) can be achieved.

SCHUNK universal top jaws are available for wedge-bar power chucks from all manufacturers, and for a large range of chuck sizes (from 165 - 400 mm).

Cost-intensive equipment required for stamping systems are no longer necessary, as workpieces can be stamped and clamped simultaneously. Due to the low weight of the jaws, it is possible to run higher rpm thus allowing higher clamping forces.

Compared to clamping with conventional hard jaws, the additional form-fit clamping makes it possible to machine the workpiece with higher cutting performance at lower clamping force.

Universal top jaws are available in five sizes for lathe chuck diameters 165, 210, 250, 315 and 400mm.

SCHUNK universal top jaws guarantee reliable clamping with short clamping allowances, for all types and sizes of power chuck with metric tongue and groove.

SCHUNK work-holding, tool-holders and gripping system products are distributed by Romheld Australia .

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