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Toolholders for high speed machining

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TRIBOS is a patented, new generation polygonal toolholder system, specifically designed for high speed cutting (HSC) from Schunk GmbH. Featuring continuous run-out accuracy of less than 3mμ, these toolholders have high radial rigidity, axial length adjustment and super stability at high speeds. Tribos is available from Romheld Australia .

A highlight of the toolholder system is the choice of manual or hydraulic assembly units, which means tools can be changed over in less than 20s. The Tribos range of slotted intermediate sleeves makes it possible to clamp different tool shank diameters with the same basic toolholder.

Clamping is achieved by material deformation which is superior to heat shrinking. The toolholders have a symmetrical structure and are made from just one piece of material, therefore they have the best possible balance properties.

All Tribos units are balance tested to 205,000rpm for use in HSC machines and basic body styles are available for use with SK, MAS-BT and HSK-A spindles.

The system is available in three versions to suit all applications - Tribos-R, Tribos-S and Tribos-SLV. Tribos-R is a rigid and precise toolholder suitable for drilling, reaming, rough and finish machining (HSC). It incorporates a special chamber filled with thermosetting plastic that resists high radial forces and dampens vibration, resulting in high surface finish. The Tribos-R accepts tools from 6mm to 32mm diameter, has transmissible torque of 350Nm and maximum speed of 55,000rpm.

The Tribos-S is an extremely thin, mono-block design for machining deep pockets and is suitable for drilling, reaming, light machining and HSC. It accepts tools from 0.3mm to 32mm diameter, has transmissible torque of 230Nm and maximum speed of 85,000rpm.

The Tribos-SLV is a family of universal long tool extensions incorporating the Tribos polygonal design and suitable for use with any toolholder system. The tool extensions have a very slim contour for optimum accessibility. Suitable for drilling, reaming and finish machining, Tribos-SLV accepts tools from 0.3mm to 20mm diameter, has 150Nm transmissible torque and maximum speed of 85,000rpm.

Customers can now use the Schunk toolholding system of their choice, selecting from polygonal, universal, hydraulic expansion and heat shrink types. Schunk toolholders, chucks, grippers and automation products are distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand by Romheld Australia.

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