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Romheld Automation supply a wide range of tooling and handling equipment for robots and gantries in most manufacturing and processing industries.

Robotic automation equipment
  • ATI - Auto tool changers, crash protectors, finishing tools and force/torque sensors. Multi task your robot with fully automatic tool changes including all pneumatic, electric, vacuum and fluid services. Compliant deburring and chamfering tools.
  • Expert-Tünkers - Index drives, turntables to Ø8m and conveyor systems.
  • Goudsmit - Air actuated magnetic and combined magnetic/vacuum grippers for ferrous and non ferrous materials. Magnetic palletising and depalletising grippers.
  • Hilma - Hydraulic, electric and magnetic die clamping for quick die change and mould change
  • Neuronics - Intelligent personal assistant robots.
  • Pushcorp - High speed servo spindle motors with or without tool change. Compliant force tooling gives a robot ‘feel’ for grinding, sanding, polishing and cutting with controlled forces.
  • Roboworld - Protective robot suits for wet or dusty, corrosive, abrasive, or dirty environments.
  • SAS - Bag grippers with pallet hook and slipsheet options, modular gripping systems and suction cups
  • Schunk - Pneumatic and electronic grippers, actuators, linear units, food grippers, rotary actuators. 2, 3 and 4 finger grippers. Servo electric grippers and actuators. Sealed, long stroke, angular or parallel grippers. Turn, tilt and oscillation units and escapements. Rotary distributors for air and electrical supply. Camera sensors.
  • Shadow Robot - Anthropomorphic hands with similar strength and degrees of freedom as a human hand, air muscles and tactile sensors.
  • Stöger - Self feeding screwdrivers.
  • Unigripper - Intelligent vacuum grippers for handling cans, bottles, bricks, timber, shrink wrap packs, cartons, packets, bags, pallets and more, used in  palletising, depalletising and pick and place systems, handle multiple products with a single gripper.
  • Vessel - Nippers for mould trimming,  plastic sprues, runners, wire cutting and crimping, anti static devices
  • WEH - Quick connectors for filling and pressure or leak testing liquid or gaseous media. Connect quickly, simply and safely without tools or screwing to male or female threads, flares, flanges, nipples, smooth bores and outside diameters
Robotic automation equipment from Romheld Automation provide the ideal solution for saving time and increasing efficiency across industrial and manufacturing applications.
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Supplier news
21/10/10 - Schunk GmbH has extended its range of Plustronic mechatronic grippers and robot accessories.
Supplier news
19/06/07 - The Shadow Robot Company (UK) has introduced a range of compact tactile sensors, whose sensitivity gets close to that of a human fingertip.
Supplier news
07/09/06 - New universal top jaws from Schunk with metric tongue and groove can be used in all wedge-bar power chucks with quick jaw change. The flexibility of these jaws can reduce set-up times and costs, especially for small and variable batch sizes.
Supplier news
22/09/05 - SAS Automation, represented by Romheld Australia, has introduced a new line of robotic gripper fingers with lighter weight carbon fibre bodies - ideal for high speed production runs requiring extra li
Supplier news
16/09/05 - WHEN a robot system is coupled with a compliant servo back stand the result is a fully programmable metal removal machine. The PushCorp SBS-81 series Servo Back Stand combines passive compliant force control and closed-loop servo motor speed control technology. Romheld Australia distributes PushCorp products.
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