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Microwave Office 2006 design suite released

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APPLIED Wave Research Inc. (AWR), represented by Rohde & Schwarz (Australia) Pty Ltd , has released a robust, feature-packed 2006 version of its flagship product, Microwave Office design suite.

The software is the industry's fastest growing microwave design platform and has revolutionised the communications design world by providing users with a choice.

Built on the unique AWR high-frequency platform with its open design environment and unified data model, Microwave Office design suite offers ease-of-use, powerful technologies and openness and interoperability, enabling integration with best-in-class tools for each part of the design process.

This latest product release continues to deliver key productivity improvements to microwave designers, shortening design cycle time and speeding time-to-market for radio-frequency (RF)/microwave products.

This latest version of Microwave Office design suite offers a new integrated filter synthesis solution using Nuhertz Technologies' filter synthesis technology. High-frequency circuit designers can now perform accurate filter synthesis quickly and easily from within the unified AWR design platform.

The feature offers complete synthesis capability for passive, transmission line, active, switched capacitor and digital filters, as well as two graphical user interfaces (GUIs), one for the power user who requires advanced options and capabilities and one for the mainstream user who needs ease-of-use.

EM Socket II, AWR's second generation electromagnetic (EM) open socket interface, now supports visualisations for integrated third-party tools. All EM manipulation and visualisation features that were a valuable part of AWR's EMSight technology are now part of the EM Socket II. This enables EM Socket integrators like Sonnet, Zeland and Optimal, to access current animations and E-field display.

Additional new features include:

* Unified and integrated EM and layout editor eliminating the need for a separate EM editor by directly combining EM into schematics and layout

* EMSight 3-5x speed improvement and new advanced frequency sweep (AFS) capability for faster EMSight results over a large bandwidth

* Layout architecture for speed and capacity

* Layer user interface (UI) and multiple EM mappings

* Switch views feature enabling multiple schematic/electrical views for the same layout, simplifying linear/nonlinear/system simulation and LVS

* High performance/high accuracy harmonic balance simulator from APLAC

* Faster HSPICE with support for larger arbitrary n-port devices

* Simulation filters that limit the scope of the project on which the simulators should focus without disabling individual graphs or schematics

* New time-domain waveform measurements for use with harmonic balance and time-domain simulators

* ERC/DRC enhancements

* New folder management feature for larger projects

* Improved reporting of simulation warnings and errors

* New license file-sensitive installer that simplifies administration of features.

AWR will release the Microwave Office 2006 design suite in the first quarter of 2006. A beta version is available immediately for customers with support contracts. The product supports Windows 2000, XP, and Linux.

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