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Motors, clamps and valves from Roehlen Industries

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Roehlen Industries  offer positive displacement pumping solutions to the chillier and heat exchange industries. Roehlen Industries also offers prototype pumps which are used in agricultural and pesticide applications.

Roehlen Industries provide 48YZ frame clamp on motors which are specifically used for lower horsepower applications. Clamp on motors are available in 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5 models. Roehlen Industries offers V band clamps which are used to attach pumps with clamp on style mountings.

Adaptor coupling units from Roehlen Industries are used to attach pumps with bolt on style mountings. Different styles of couplings and mountain arrangements are available which can be customised to maximise service life and minimise downtime in certain applications.

Roehlen Industries offer external bypass valves which provide protection to any style pump. External bypass valves also help in removing the recirculation path from the inside of the pump to the outside external bypass. This helps in minimising damage to the internal components of the pumps due to extreme heat recirculation.

In addition to providing frame motors, couplings and bypass valves, Roehlen Industries also offers Magdrive series pumps, saltwater pumps and canned motor pumps.

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