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Sensor module expands controller functionality

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article image The 1762-IR4 four-channel RTD module

ROCKWELL Automation has introduced a sensor module that allows users to directly interface the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 controller to platinum, nickel, nickel-iron and copper resistance temperature detectors (RTD).

The 1762-IR4 four-channel RTD module expands the application spectrum of the MicroLogix 1200 controller, and reduces system costs by eliminating RTD-to-analogue transmitters.

By eliminating the need for expensive thermocouple transmitters, the 1762-IR4 input module enables MicroLogix 1200 users to achieve a cost-effective and compact means of temperature measurement and control.

The 1762-IR4 module provides temperature readings in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, with measurement resolution down to tenths of a degree.

This makes the module well suited for industrial and process control applications in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, utility, transportation and others where precise temperatures are required.

The module's temperature sensor range (-200° to 850°C) provides accuracy of ±0.05°C over thermocouples.

Users can also select from several temperature scaling options and engineering units to save controller memory and improve performance. The module is factory-calibrated and can be programmed to perform auto-calibration to maintain accuracy.

The 1762-IR4 module offers customers programming efficiencies and greater application flexibility.

By limiting the number of available channels to four, the module provides enough channels to meet a wide range of applications, while achieving superior temperature measurement accuracy at a low cost.

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