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ArmorStart now PowerFlex enabled

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article image The Allen-Bradley ArmorStart/PowerFlex combination controllers.

THE Allen-Bradley ArmorStart distributed motor controllers family, from Rockwell Automation , has been expanded with the addition of a PowerFlex sensorless vector drive.

Providing an on-machine solution for precise speed and torque control, ArmorStart's integrated IP67 enclosure-rated machine-mount design uses fewer cables and can be operated in environmentally demanding conditions, including wash-down environments.

Requiring no additional enclosures, the ArmorStart/PowerFlex combination controller is designed for on-machine applications requiring tight speed control such as material handling, diverters, sorters, extruders, winders, bottling lines, and pumps.

The controller can be used with motors ranging from 0.4 to 4.0kW at 50/60Hz for non-reversing, and reversing applications, with a voltage range from 200 to 460V ac.

It features four inputs and two outputs plus an optional keypad for local start/stop motor control, and can accept control voltages of 24V dc, 120V ac or 240V ac.

Additional factory-installed options include a hand/off/auto (HOA) keypad with jog function, dynamic brake contactor, electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter, source brake contactor, output connector and shielded motor cable.

Importantly, all Allen-Bradley ArmorStart controllers feature a modular, plug-and-play design for quick and easy installation. A pre-tested quick-connect wiring assembly allows users to isolate problems and replace a starter or I/O locally to save time sorting through a complex panel.

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