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Easily constructed safety fence system

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article image Robotunits’ safety fence system.

DURING the last few years, an Australian company Robotunits Pty Ltd has been making developments in the areas of safety fencing and machine guarding.

With major installations worldwide in the car industry for example, Robotunits has proved their safety fence system not only offers an unparalleled price/performance ratio, but is also the first choice for manufacturers, due to ease of specification, installation, and on-site adjustment.

Like all the other finished products in the Robotunits program, the safety fence system is based on the unique aluminium extrusion and connection technology, which forms the basis of the Robotunits Modular Automation System.

There are standard sizes to choose from which are kept in stock, however, the flexibility of the system also allows specials to be manufactured in almost any size the customer may require.

The safety fence system also includes a range of doors, from standard single or double hinged doors, to horizontal and vertical sliding doors with counterbalances.

The standard panel material is a galvanized 40mm steel wire mesh, which is held into the frame T-slots by a special patented mesh clip. This clip ensures a play-free connection of the mesh, and once connected must be physically destroyed before it can be pulled out from the safety fence frame.

Robotunits can quickly and easily provide other panel materials per customer request, for example, powder-coated mesh, polycarbonate panels, compressed foam panels, acrylic panels and others.

An enormous proportion of the cost of any safety fence system is the installation time involved. Unfortunately, however, it is extremely rare that an installation site is perfectly organised and fully prepared for the installation. The vast majority of installations undertaken by Robotunits require extensive on-site adjustments to the layout or dimensions, due to unforeseen obstacles.

With traditional steel safety fences, this adjustment can amount to enormous cost increases due to the processes involved in adjusting the size of a steel frame. Robotunits can accomplish this task with ease, thus incurring minimal additional cost for the customer. Once the customer has organised their installation site, just one person can easily install the Robotunits safety fence system with just a few basic workshop tools.

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